2017-12-10 | Q&A: Herkimer Diamonds with Christina McCormack

Q: Why are they called Herkimer Diamonds?

A: Well, Herkimer Diamonds aren’t actually diamonds but are technically double-terminated quartz crystals. They were discovered in and around Herkimer County, New York, probably about 500 years ago.

Q: Why are they interesting to you?

A: I just think they’re cool! They always come in this cool shape, which is a crystal formation. They have interesting inclusions...

Q: Do the shapes vary to a large degree?

A: No, they don’t.

Q: So, they all kind of look the same, shapewise?

A: They’re similar, yes...very similar.

Q: How did YOU discover them?

A: I was at a gem show in Tucson, where I saw them first.

Q: Recently? Have you been working with Herkimer Diamonds for a long time?

A: Long time, yes.

Q: So these earrings... when did you make these?

A:  These I made recently.

Q: Did you make them for yourself? Or for someone else?

A: I have made a few pairs: Currently I have a pair, and I’ve also made them for clients.

Q: Now, did you put these holes in them?

A: No, they usually come as beads; these particular ones you can string as necklaces or bracelets.

Q: So the ear wire: why did you design it that way?

A: I just love the simplicity of french wire.

Q: Great! If you had to explain what a Herkimer diamond to someone discovering them for the first time, what would you say?

A: It’s a crystal that was once used as an imitation for diamonds, probably as far back as the late 15th and 16th centuries.

Q: And how many herkimer diamonds do you have at christinamccormack.com?

A: Just this pair for right now.

Q: Can you describe them?

A: They are 18k yellow gold french wires, and the Herkimer diamond just dangles right off end of the french wire.

Q: So this is the kind of earring you could wear with just about everything!

A: Yes, absolutely.